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Vapouriz electronic cigarette has emerged as a synonym for electronic cigarettes with their innovative technologically advanced ideas. It offers a wide variety of options to fulfil the smoking experience of all the tobacco cigarette smokers. Vapouriz is also providing a simple Solo Disposable electronic cigarette for the smokers interested in trying electronic cigarettes without spending much in the beginning.


Vapouriz CE4 Tank starter kit is a complete package to give you the complete freedom from all the worries of smoking harmful tobacco cigarettes. It is one of the most preferred model compared to the cartridge based models sold in the market. The reason behind its success goes to the adaptation of inexpensive e-liquid system rather than using the old expensive system of refill cartridges. The expenses of a smoker on e-liquid goes down to almost one third of what one pays while buying refilling cartridges or cartomizers.

The CE4 tank model gives more flexibility to the smokers with their wide range of flavoured and variable nicotine strength e liquid available for different types of smokers. Low nicotine strength could be the best option for light smokers or someone willing to quit smoking in time. Heavy smokers find a high nicotine strength liquid to feel the same throat kick as in smoking tobacco cigarettes. (more…)

Tobacco e-Liquid Refill Gives The Real Smoking Experience!

Tobacco is one of the key ingredients in a cigarette. The taste of a cigarette is nearly incomplete without tobacco and it is also the major taste which the smokers are addicted too. This is why many people aren�t able to shift to tobacco free or non tobacco e-cigarettes only because they are addicted to tobacco. When the e-liquid refill manufacturers got to know about this issue, they invented a mighty flavor for the e-cigarette refill.

Yes! You�re thinking absolutely right; it is the tobacco flavor for the e-juice. The tobacco flavored electronic cigarette liquid or refill is aimed at providing the same taste and experience which one gets while smoking cigarette. The main source of making the tobacco flavored liquid is tobacco itself yet it has no side effects. This flavor is extracted from organic tobacco and hence the aroma and experience is natural. The e-cigarette refills have no side effects and they don�t even affect health like cigarette does. This is a mighty deed for the smokers who shift to e-cigarettes.

So, if you have been into smoking since long and want to quit it then shifting to e-cigarettes is the first step that you can take. You can try out the tobacco flavored e-cigarette first so that it doesn�t feel different at all. You can visit stores near you and try out a free sample before buying an e-cigarette. (more…)

The health aspects of using an electronic shisha

If you are familiar with the electronic cigarette, then understanding the principle on which the electronic shisha which is also known as the e-shisha, the e-hookah or the electronic hookah was built will be quite easy. The e-shisha is meant to be the healthier alternative to the traditional shisha.

Many people believe that the traditional shisha is safe compared to traditional cigarettes. This is a common misconception. The traditional shisha produces high levels of carbon monoxide and many cancer-causing chemicals. Some studies have even shown that the smoke that is inhaled during a typical one hour traditional shisha smoking session is one hundred to two hundred times more than the smoke inhaled from smoking a traditional cigarette.

Many people enjoy the social aspect of the shisha which is why the electronic shisha is a better option. It allows users to partake in the same social activities without putting their health at risk. It is made to look like the traditional shisha but is made from the same technology as the electronic cigarette. It does not have any tar or smoke. Depending on the brand that you purchase, it may have some nicotine in it